In September, China's Internal Combustion Engine Sales Increased By 15.95%

In October 25th, from the Ministry of industry and information was informed that in September 2017, the national sales of 4 million 886 thousand internal combustion engines, an increase of 15.95%, an increase of 4.52%. Among them, diesel engine sales of 474 thousand and 900 units, an increase of 15.69%, an increase of 19.43%; gasoline engine sales of 4 million 409 thousand and 900 units, an increase of 15.99%, an increase of 3.11%.

2017 before September, the national total sales of 41 million 399 thousand and 700 units of internal combustion engine, an increase of 6.38%. According to the type of fuel, diesel engine cumulative sales of 4 million 161 thousand and 400 units, the growth rate maintained a high level, an increase of 16.13%; gasoline engine cumulative sales of 37 million 232 thousand and 500 units, the growth rate slowed down, an increase of 5.38%. Apart from the supporting market, the cumulative sales of marine engines and generators decreased year by year, while other market segments showed different degrees of increase. Among them, passenger car, motorcycle, garden machinery for engine steady growth, total sales were 15 million 619 thousand and 200 units, 15 million 200 thousand and 300 units and 2 million 602 thousand and 200 units, an increase of 5.31%, 4.45% and 4.19%; commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery engine increased significantly, total sales were 2 million 896 thousand and 200 units, 2 million 949 thousand and 200 units and 549 thousand and 700, an increase of 13.32%, 16.83% and 58.22%; marine engine cumulative sales of 15 thousand and 500 units, down 15.86%; cumulative sales of 1 million 258 thousand and 300 units with diesel generating units, down 1.23%.