IE1 IP54 IP55 Three Phase Electric Motor

IE1 IP54 IP55 Three Phase Electric Motor 

IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) protection system is composed of IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION) draft, according to the electrical dust, prevent foreign objects (including tools, people's fingers are not accessible within live electrical parts, so as to avoid the electric shock.) The characteristics of intrusion and prevention of moisture and intrusion. IP protection class is composed of two numbers, first numbers, said electric dust level to prevent intrusion of foreign objects, second digital appliances, said anti moisture water intrusion airtight degree level, the larger the number the higher the level of protection.

New international energy efficiency code (IE) for electric motors.

IE1= standard energy efficiency (similar to EFF2)

IE2= has high energy efficiency (similar to EFF1)

IE3= high quality and high efficiency

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