Hub Motor Technology Can Enhance Electric Car Mileage Of 15% Mileage

At present, in addition to BYD auto companies, 90% of the electric car companies take the central motor-driven route, which is actually the traditional car changes, the vast majority of car chassis or traditional car chassis, not in accordance with the pure electric car to Development.

Wheel motor technology, also known as wheel motor technology, its most important feature is the power, transmission and braking devices are integrated into the hub, so the mechanical part of the electric vehicle greatly simplified. This technology started earlier in the world, but not mature at home.

The characteristics of the hub motor is the energy transfer efficiency, the central motor about 80% efficiency, because there are many mechanical transmission parts, will lose a lot of energy, the wheel hub motor is the middle of this ring removed, the highest efficiency up to 92% -94%.

According to what is being introduced, hub motor and central motor compared to 15% of electric vehicles can enhance mileage.

In September 2016, Hubei Tate Electromechanical Co., Ltd. acquired a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dutch e-Traction Co., Ltd., which specializes in research on wheel motors, including various experiments and applications. With this acquisition, Hubei Tate & Mills acquired the field of wheel motors Leap-forward development.

"The acquisition of Dutch e-Traction company aims to apply the technology to China. From a commercial vehicle perspective, China accounts for more than 60% of the global total, including public transport and logistics. We are now preparing for industrialization." He Junzheng said .

It is understood that the Netherlands e-Traction company's products, the first batch is the beginning of 2009 to use, tested in Europe, get China, Hubei TETC will begin to investigate the needs of OEMs and the Chinese market.

In fact, the requirements of Chinese OEMs and customers are different from those of other countries. For example, the climbability in the southwestern region is high, the torque requirements are high, and the operating conditions of other uses are different. In recent years, Hubei Tate electromechanical based on the European version of the wheel motor, a lot of torque improvement, but also in the integration has also improved.

Currently, TED Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has developed a work for the Chinese version. The entire test has been completed and reached the design target.

"In the first quarter of 2018, we are going to launch a formal prototype for mass production. We will have the capacity to mass-produce at the end of the third quarter. In the first step, we will have the capacity to mass-produce 1,000 units. By 2020, we will have the capacity to mass-produce 10,000 units. He Jun is quite confident said.

Hope that with the efforts of Hubei Tate Machinery and other enterprises, in the future China's wheel motor technology can achieve a more rapid development, and gradually narrow the gap with foreign countries, into the world's advanced level.

Of course, the current wheel hub motor technology also faces the problem of reducing costs and solving the heat dissipation, which is a problem that needs to be solved for a long time.