How To Do A Good Job Of Checking Without Motor For A Long Time?

For the machinery industry, we must check it to ensure the safety state before using it. So what should we do for a long term motor?

One, do not need to do special maintenance, direct the motor and the drive shaft off, keep dry.

Two, need to use again, with dry compressed air purge, check the commutator, check insulation insulation, low bake rated excitation current can be baked or adding 1/2 in magnetic field.

Three, the motor does not turn after electricity and no sound. It may be a two - phase or three - phase circuit breaker for motor power or winding.

Four, the motor does not turn, but there is a "buzzing" sound. Measurement of motor terminals, such as three-phase voltage balance and rated value, can be judged to be a serious overload.

Five, the motor speed is slow and is accompanied by a "buzzing" sound, and the shaft vibrates. If a phase current is measured to be zero, the two phase current is much more than the rated current, indicating that it is a two phase operation.

The reason is that the circuit or power supply is a phase breaker or a phase breaker of the motor winding.

Through the above analysis, we remind you that the inspection work in motor application can not be omitted. If we ignore inspection, it will increase the probability of motor problems, and at the same time, it will bring a lot of trouble to our production and life.