How To Correct A High Voltage Motor Maintenance

(1) temperature alarm high voltage motor is configured to install motor, the motor winding temperature, the temperature displays in real time, early-warning and alert. Operation of real-time recording motor operating temperature, if it exceeds the normal operating temperature should be reported immediately and stop. Normal motor allows up to start 2 times in the cold at an interval of 5 minutes, allowed under the hot-start again. Stop heat not hot refers to motor.

(2) high-voltage motor starting should confirm the high pressure switch device and compensation, cable and motor is normal, water pump valve rotation is normal. After the starter motor should pay close attention to three-phase motor sound, three-phase current, voltage, vibration is normal, frequently viewed within the 2-hour motor temperature, check the bearing heating rate than to check the actual temperature of the bearing itself is more valuable, if the bearing temperature rises too fast too quickly should exceed a certain limit stop check. Run normal, ambient temperature does not exceed the temperature 40 ℃, the bearing allows the temperature to 90 degrees, such as runtime bearing temperature with actual value, such as an unusual or overrun, should be immediately shut down and report.