How To Choose The Motor Products

Motor selection mainly includes the following contents:

  1. types of choice to choose which type of motor, a mechanical motor according to the production of mechanical properties, starting performance, speed performance, braking method and overload capacity and other requirements; on the other hand, but also from the comprehensive analysis of save initial investment, reduce operating costs and other economic aspects. If there is no special requirement for starting and speed reading, the three-phase asynchronous squirrel cage motor is preferred.

2. the choice of power to select the motor power conversion, the motor should be rated or equal to      the tip than the power required for production machinery. Neither overload nor long-term light        load. It can be determined by analogy, statistics, experiment and calculation. 

3. voltage selection AC motor rated voltage should be selected and the power grid voltage consistent.    The rated voltage of the DC motor is also proportional to the supply voltage, usually 110 V or 220    V. High power DC motors can be increased to 600-800 V, up to 1000