How To Choose The Motor And The Sort Of Electric Motor

DC servo torque motor can realize constant torque speed regulation, using speed ring, in the use of motor, each motor needs to be equipped with a motor driver.

Types of motors

1. according to the classification of power supply: can be divided into DC motor and AC motor. The AC motor is also divided into single-phase motor and three-phase motor.

2. according to the structure and working principle classification: can be divided into DC motor, asynchronous motor and synchronous motor.

About torque, power how to calculate out?

The power of the motor should be chosen according to the power required by the production machinery, so as to make the motor run under rated load as much as possible.

The following two points should be paid attention to when choosing:

(1) if the power of the motor is too small, the "small horse cart" phenomenon will occur, causing the motor to overload for a long time. The insulation is damaged due to heat. Even the motor burned.

(2) if the power of the motor is chosen too large, the phenomenon of "big horse pulling trolley" will appear. The output mechanical power can not be fully utilized, the power factor and efficiency are not high, not only for the users and the power grid. And it's also a waste of electricity.

To correctly select the power of the motor, it must be calculated or compared:

(1) for a constant load continuous working mode, if the load power (i.e., power production machinery on the axis) Pl (kw) P. The power can be calculated as required by the motor (kw):P=P1/n1n2 in N1 for the efficiency of production machinery; N2 for motor efficiency. Transmission efficiency.