How To Choose Dust Explosion Proof Electric Motor

In the factory, the factory environment will have some flammable dust, or some explosive dust. So the motor in this environment, the need for special requirements. Such as the requirements of the motor at work, to prevent sparks. And the motor in this dust environment can work properly. This can be in the explosive, flammable dust where the work of the motor is dust Explosion Proof Electric Motor.

Before understanding the dust and Explosion Proof Electric Motor, first understand the dust explosion location is how the division. Dust Explosion Hazardous Locations Frequency and duration of exposure to explosive or flammable dusts are divided into two zones.

Zone 10: In the normal processing, handling or cleaning process, the presence or possibility of dust clouds or dust layer mixed with air to reach the explosive concentration of the region.

11 area: not for the 10 area of the place, but in the abnormal conditions of the place where the dust cloud, dust and air mixed with the explosion concentration to reach the area.

Dust Explosion Proof Electric Motor In order to be able to work in the above areas, dust explosion-proof motor shell according to its ability to limit the dust will be divided into two categories:

Dusty shell, enclosure protection class IP6X, marked as DT;

Dustproof housing, housing protection class IP5X, marked DP.

In the choice of dust Explosion Proof Electric Motor, generally according to two aspects can choose the appropriate dust Explosion Proof Electric Motor types.

1. Select the type of protection according to the motor corresponding to the different dangerous places

2. Select according to the nature of the dust, the category and the temperature group

 Of course, for a person who is not familiar with dust motor, it is not so easy to choose a suitable dust Explosion Proof Electric Motor. The general can work their own motor work and the environment to tell the dust Explosion Proof Electric Motor manufacturers, manufacturers to choose a suitable is a better way.