How Much Of The Y2 Series Motor To Choose How Much The Inverter

For the Y2 series motor to select the appropriate inverter, is to let the engineer a headache problem. In general, the selection of the inverter should be in accordance with the type of controlled object, speed range, static speed accuracy, starting torque to consider, so that it meets the process and production requirements at the same time, both easy to use, and economic The

How much of the Y2 series motor to choose how much the inverter, and sometimes a large size. High power inverter power factor is best in the inverter into the line at the end of the installation of AC reactor. This is to improve the power factor, the second is to suppress high-frequency harmonics. If frequent frequent start, brake, to install the brake unit and brake resistor. When using the inverter to drive the Y2 series motor, the output current value increases due to the small reactance of the Y2 series motor and the increase of the higher harmonic. So for Y2 series motor selection of the inverter, the capacity to be slightly larger than the selection of ordinary motor.

The final basis of the inverter selection is the current curve of the inverter including the mechanical load of the current curve.

Y2 series motor to change the principle of steering is: the auxiliary winding current or lag behind the main winding can be positive or reverse. According to this principle you can replace the main winding or secondary winding terminal can be.

Y2 series motor in the absence of control voltage, the stator only excitation winding generated by the magnetic field, the rotor stationary. When there is a control voltage, a rotating magnetic field is generated in the stator, and the rotor rotates in the direction of the rotating magnetic field. When the load is constant, the rotation speed of the motor varies with the control voltage. When the phase of the control voltage is opposite, the Y2 series The motor will reverse.

In summary, we use the Y2 series motor to understand its skills, so as to operate better.