High Voltage Low Rpm Motor

high voltage low rpm motor

High voltage motors refer to motors with rated voltages above 1000V. The 6000V and 10000V voltages are often used, and the voltage levels of 3300V and 6600V are also different due to the different power grids abroad. High voltage motor is produced by product of motor power and voltage and current is proportional to the power, so the low-voltage motor increases to a certain extent (such as 300KW/380V) the current carrying capacity by allowing the wire constraints it is difficult bigger, or high cost. High power output is required by increasing the voltage. High voltage motor has the advantages of large power, strong impact capacity; the disadvantage is inertia, and start and brake are difficult.

High voltage motors can be used to drive a wide variety of machines. Such as compressors, pumps, crushers, cutting machines, transport machinery and other equipment for the mining, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, generators and other industries as prime movers. The motors used for driving blowers, mills, rolling mills and winches shall indicate the purpose and technical requirements when ordering, and adopt special design to ensure reliable operation.

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