High Quality Single-phase Capacitor Run Asynchronous Electric Motor


Single phase motors generally refer to small power single-phase asynchronous motors supplied by single-phase AC power supply. This motor is usually a two-phase winding on the stator, the rotor is ordinary squirrel cage type. The distribution of the two phase windings on the stator and the power supply are different, and different starting characteristics and operating characteristics can be produced.


Usually according to the motor starting and running modes, the single-phase asynchronous motor is divided into single-phase resistance starting asynchronous motor, single-phase capacitor start single phase capacitor asynchronous motors, single-phase capacitor running asynchronous motor, starting and running of single-phase asynchronous motor, shaded pole motor five.


The classification of the first, in the starting circuit with centrifugal switch, starting winding and capacitor not only play a role in starting, running also play a role, so that it can improve the efficiency and power factor of the motor, so the motor operation performance is better than the capacitor start motor. The capacitance of capacitor running motor starting winding series capacitor, is mainly based on the performance requirements and determine, therefore according to the performance requirements than the starting capacitance determined to be small, and the motor starting capacitor start motor performance is not as good as good. Capacitor running motor does not start switch, so the structure is relatively simple, the price is cheaper, mainly used in electric fans, air conditioners, fans, motors, washing machines and other motors.

The second type, in the starting loop with a centrifugal switch, this method is generally used in air compressors, cutting machines, woodworking machines and other heavy load and unstable place.

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