High Grade Explosion Proof Electric Motor


(1) to meet the requirements of increased safety type explosion-proof motor, adopt a series of reliable measures to prevent sparks, arcs and dangerous high temperature, and can safely run in the 2 area explosion dangerous place.

(2) the set of rotating rectifier brushless excitation, disc and static excitation cabinet, excitation control system is reliable; clockwise polarity slip excitation is accurate, no impact; excitation system out of step protection and reliability, and then the whole step ability; reasonable circuit design, no heat discharge resistance at work; a wide range of excitation regulator current.

(3) synchronous machine, AC exciter and rotary rectifier coaxial. The rectifier plate is between the main motor and exciter, or outside the bearing seat.

(4) enclosure protection level is IP54.

(5) using F insulation, temperature rise according to B level assessment.

(6) change the traditional water cooling into water cooling, that is, the water cooler is placed on the upper part of the motor.

(7) set up an increased damp proof heater and fix it in the cover of the bottom of the motor, which is used for heating and damp proof when stopping.

(8) select high quality raw materials, electrical and mechanical calculation has a large margin, can meet the operation reliability and increased safety type motor temperature requirements.

(9) is provided with perfect control measures; for differential protection increasesafety self balancing current transformer set main wiring box; platinum thermal resistance of stator winding embedding and backup work, index number Pt100; a Water Leakage monitor, leakage monitoring of water cooler; both ends of a sliding bearing are respectively provided with field temperature display instrument and remote signal terminal.