Explosion Proof Electric Motor Inspection And Maintenance Items

First of all, we must check the Explosion Proof Electric Motor before using the Explosion Proof Electric Motor is not in the transport hoisting or installation of the explosion-proof surface there is no serious mechanical damage. If there is mechanical damage that can not be repaired, the same type of explosion proof motor must be replaced.

Explosion Proof Electric Motor must use the correct installation process, the installation of force to be uniform, to avoid improper operation to proof surface deformation. Explosion Proof Electric Motor seals fastening screws can not be tight too tight or too loose, too tight due to excessive force, will cause sealing ring fractures; too loose when the ring is susceptible to external damage caused by damage, loss of sealing effect.

To improve the life of Explosion Proof Electric Motor, Explosion Proof Electric Motor should be regularly checked and maintenance. The interval can be determined according to the type of motor and the use environment. The main inspection and maintenance items are as follows:

(1) timely removal of the motor base outside the debris, dust, sludge, such as the use of environmental dust more, must be cleaned every day.

(2) Always check the motor terminal, the screw is loose or burned.

(3) regular measurement of the motor insulation resistance, if the use of more humid environment should be measured frequently.

(4) regular use of kerosene cleaning bearings and replace the new oil (usually half a year to replace), oil should not be full, generally accounted for 1/2 to 1/3 of the oil

, Otherwise, easy to heat or thrown, the oil from the side to join, you can not clean the impurities, squeeze out from the other side.

(5) regularly check the electrical equipment to start the vulnerable parts, see the contact and the terminal with or without burns, oxidation, contact is good and so on.

(6) Insulation check. The insulating ability of the insulating material varies depending on the degree of drying, so it is very important to keep the motor windings dry. The working environment of the motor is humid, and there are corrosive gases and other factors in the workplace, which can damage the insulation of the motor. The most common is the winding ground fault that insulation damage, so that the live part of the metal parts and other parts should not be charged with the collision, the occurrence of such failure, not only affect the normal work of the motor. But also endanger personal safety. So the motor in use, should always check the insulation resistance, but also pay attention to see whether the motor chassis ground is reliable.

(7) In addition to the above items on the regular maintenance of the motor, but also planned to motor and related machinery and equipment overhaul. Perform thorough, comprehensive inspection, maintenance, supplement the motor missing, wear the components, completely remove the dust inside and outside the motor, dirt, check the insulation, clean the bearing and check the wear and tear.

Explosion Proof Electric Motor is mainly used in flammable and explosive and other harsh environments, usually these motors in harsh environments, coupled with the maintenance staff work irresponsible to the motor to start the device check is not in place, will accelerate the insulation aging damage the motor. So we have to strengthen the motor inspection and maintenance, to improve the life of Explosion Proof Electric Motor.