Environmental Rectification Should Not Be A Off?

Under the strict supervision of the central authorities, all over the country attach great importance to, tighten the environmental problems, rectification of this string. Based on this, we believe that the starting point of individual localities and departments may be good, rectification orders arrived, have taken resolute and forceful measures and means of rectification. For pollution behavior, stop production, shut down, or perhaps the most direct and immediate way. However, look at the issue must have the dialectical thinking, to environmental protection to industry, to the rectification should be development, the two should be highly unified, run parallel. So, if not indiscriminately to the car wash, restaurant, laundry, such as light pollution of people's livelihood industries are shut down, behind the exposure of simple or extensive governance. After a moment of shutting down, the pollution problem seems to be solved, but the people's life problems have come again. It is hard to say whether the higher authorities will get retaliatory rebound. With regard to the rectification of environmental protection, is indeed a big test, the test is whether the party committees and governments at all levels have a scientific concept of governance and modern governance capacity, in a word, in all kinds of environmental pollution problems which can not be left unchecked, and can not simply dispose of the matter.

The emergence of environmental protection is a historical and complicated process; the radical cure of environmental protection needs a long and arduous process as well. Today, the strict supervision of environmental protection rectification, strict law enforcement, strict implementation, "root" is still a forced, designed to wake up the relevant departments, enterprises and the masses of environmental awareness. Recall a long stay in the blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers, is a complicated social project, a violent storm, courage ton output capacity, it should have a scientific and orderly, overall planning wisdom. In the rectification of the current environmental protection question, not only need to resolutely and not overnight work style, work methods could be classified policy, differentiation, refinement of various environmental problems must be combed, the scientific development of the reform program, to ensure the rectification results of the test of history and people.

Classification strategy will be practical and effective. Chengdu city as the "emergency circular" pointed out that, for the severe pollution and does not comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the "scattered sewage enterprises, to One principle runs through it all. to maintain a high pressure situation, according to the law to shut down in place; closely related to the masses of the car wash, restaurants, laundry and other pollution emissions through small and short time rectification related industries can achieve the environmental standards of the enterprise, facilities, should not be" across the board "shut down, focus on strengthening the rectification rectification, the relevant enterprises, legal compliance after paving resume business as soon as possible. It is not difficult to see the principle of classification, that is, for serious pollution enterprises, must be firmly shut down; for small enterprises with pollution emission, then ordered rectification.

To promote the modernization of governance capacity is not an empty talk. It is reflected in all aspects of government administration, and it is also reflected in the rectification of environmental protection issues. The rectification of environmental protection is not a simple off, it needs to be balanced and careful, is the concept of coordinated action, only in this way, the rectification of the boat will ride the road to green, sky cloud.