Environmental Protection Rectification One Size Fits All, The Motor Industry Is Injured

Recently, environmental protection storm swept the country, production, stock, price, collapse... Just a few days, a number of enterprises in various regions of the country was checked, the prices of raw materials, factories and enterprises in advance on annual leave and other news maxed circle of friends.

The thought that the wind is over, as usual, however, now the environmental crisis has not weakened, but became more ferocious! Stop production, rectification rectification, detention detention, the price of the price, closure, and a bunch of shutting down the factory looked puzzled anxious small bosses.

Some industry insiders said that the motor industry itself is sluggish, coupled with a variety of rising costs, small and medium enterprises themselves are severely squeezed by the economic environment. Now many enterprises also let environmental remediation to force the door closed, it can be described as worse.

This phenomenon has also attracted the attention of mainstream media. Recently, the Xinhua News Agency commented: "environmental protection and control can not be" one size fits all ".

It is understood that, since this year, a large number of motor and motor foundry enterprises stop production for environmental protection.

Most of these enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, and there are problems of shortage of funds and poor ability to resist risks. In the past two years, in the context of the reform of production capacity and supply side, they have become the object of production capacity.

And now, under the banner of environmental protection, these small and medium-sized enterprises have a lot of money for the purchase of environmental protection devices, or some aspects do not meet the requirements, the local government departments waved a big hand shut down.

This led to the environmental monitoring work of the Ministry of environmental protection from top to bottom, and encountered resistance in some areas. Obviously, some areas, regardless of the consequences of "one size fits all" type of action, has seriously affected the survival of some enterprises and even many employees.

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