Electric Motor In The Industrial Revolution

Five main motivation: steam engine, internal combustion engine, electric motor, turbine, nuclear reactor.

The steam engine belongs to the first industrial revolution and is represented by the train ship.

Internal combustion engines and motors belong to the second industrial revolution, represented by automobile aircraft and factory motors.

Turbines and nuclear reactors belong to the third industrial revolution, represented by jet aircraft and nuclear powered ships.

The second industrial revolution to the widespread use of electrical appliances the most significant.

Sixties and seventies of the 19th century, there have been a series of major inventions.

In 1866, the German Siemens made the generator; by the 1970s, the actual available generator came out.

Electrical appliances began to be used as a replacement for machines to complement and replace steam-powered new energy sources. Subsequently, electric lights, trams, movie projectors come out one after another, mankind entered the "Electric Times."