Electric Fan Motor Suppliers

The leading products include: first, TYE4 series universal type low voltage ultra high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, TPYM series of ball mill special high torque at low speed high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, high voltage brushless doubly fed AC motor; two, YX, YXKK, YR, YRKK, YTM and other high and low voltage universal series high efficiency motor; synchronization series motor with three, TK, TDMK, YRQ and other mines; four special motor, ball mill YSQ series motor, SDM special crusher sand making machine special series motor, YTP motor, YVF series hoist special inverter special series motor; five, according to customer needs, production of special motor; six, for large enterprises mine provide motor package butler service, including the operation of fault diagnosis and maintenance of electrical installation, regular maintenance, energy saving etc.. In the sustainable development of enterprises for many years, adhering to customer demand-oriented, technology innovation service as the foundation, by means of scientific management, has been widely used to verify the market in large and medium-sized high-voltage motor production design, construction quality, technical services, products are exported to South Africa, North Korea, Mongolia, India, Vietnam etc. state.

The company has CNC winding machine, CNC machine, automatic up type taping machine, VPI high voltage vacuum impregnation system, large drying oven, C516\C5225\C5243 double column vertical lathe, CW6163\CZ6180C\CW61125B lathe, CNC face milling lengthened M1350C, cylindrical grinding, large-scale cast aluminium rotor centrifugal machine, 0.6T\2T\5T\10 T large hard bearing balancing machine no, pump water curtain spray drying system; RZJ30M winding impulse voltage tester, 33KV tester, JL-702041 AC motor intelligent low-voltage DC resistance tester, 60 tons of experimental platform, with 6MW (12MW) double fed motor test system of motor professional production equipment more than 300 sets, more than 11000 million of fixed assets yuan. The existing staff of more than 200 people, college education accounted for 42%, more than 40 professional and technical personnel. At present, the production capacity has reached 2 million KW/ years, the sales output value can reach 300 million yuan.

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