Economic Operation Of Machinery Industry

   As the commanding point of the global economic competition, manufacturing industry has been paid more and more attention by all countries. In the face of major competition strategies for countries and the global manufacturing industry, Chinese also appears in May 19, 2015 "Chinese manufacturing 2025" plan, clearly put forward the intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of two of the depth of integration: focus on innovation driven, quality first, green development, structure optimization, talent oriented five policy. In the three step for the development of the strategic objectives, and vigorously promote the transformation from a big manufacturing country to a powerful.   

 According to the strategic plan, we can see that China will use about 30 years, and eventually become the forefront of the world manufacturing power. In this process, we must rely on innovation driven, promotion of intelligent manufacturing, and Internet plus mode, to achieve new breakthroughs from manufacturing to wisdom made. Among them, the intelligent manufacturing has become "China made 2025" very important keywords, and as an important fulcrum of economic development of the manufacturing industry, its role can not be ignored.