Different Types Of Three Phase Electric Motor Applications

Three Phase Electric Motor variety, Ling Lang everywhere. The face of a large number of motor options, when we have a specific need but often upset, in the end should choose what kind of motor? Select the ordinary Y series Three Phase Electric Motor? Or frequency control motor? Explosion-proof motors? These are the problems we often encounter, Hengfu Motor Factory prompts you, in the face of many choices, you should first understand the various motor applications, select the motor variety, and then select a specific model.

The following are a variety of common Three Phase Electric Motor applications:

Y series full name is fully enclosed fan-cooled three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor. Use is very common, used in general without special requirements of machinery and equipment, such as agricultural machinery, food machinery, fans, pumps, machine tools, mixing machine, air compressors, etc.

YS series of Three Phase Electric Motor power is small, suitable for small machine tools, pumps, compressors drive, junction boxes are at the top of the motor.

YSF, YT series is not very different, are fan-specific Three Phase Electric Motor, is based on the fan industry supporting requirements, the motor in the structure to take a series of noise reduction, vibration measures. The series of motors with high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, good start performance, reliable operation, easy installation and so on. Suitable for fan installation and use, is the ideal fan supporting products.

YD is a multi-speed Three Phase Electric Motor (two-speed), generally 4/2 pole 8/6 pole 8/4/2 pole 6/4 pole 12/6 pole 8/6/4 pole 8/4 pole 6/4 / 2 pole 12/8/6/4 pole, mainly used for the requirements of the nature of the load step by step speed of various transmission machinery such as machine tools, mining, metallurgy, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical and other industries.

YL series is a dual-value single-phase asynchronous motor, that is, there are two capacitors, can be used for plastic machinery, agricultural machinery, food machinery air compressor, pumps and family workshops and other mechanical equipment as a driving force. It is especially suitable for applications where only single-phase power is available.

SG series for the high degree of protection of Three Phase Electric Motor, can be interchangeable with the Y series, but the performance has been strengthened (such as the electromagnetic program to adjust the optimization, some specifications using cold-rolled silicon steel, etc.), so that the series of motor vibration and noise (Especially the load noise) was significantly lower than the Y series motor. Experiments show that the series of motor noise to Class I standards, the motor vibration value than the Y series of standard 1 priority. Shaft end bearings increase the oiling device, no need to disassemble the motor can change the bearing oil, easy maintenance.