Coal Mines High Efficiency Motor Suppliers

Coal Mines High Efficiency Motor suppliers

Efficient energy-saving motors are AC frequency conversion motor, YX high efficiency motor, Y3 low-voltage high-power, wind generator, rare earth permanent magnet motor, high voltage Y2, compact motor and YB2 flameproof motor. High efficiency motor adopts new type motor design, new process and new material. It can improve the output efficiency by reducing the loss of electromagnetic energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy. Compared with the standard motors, the use of efficient motor energy saving effect is very obvious, usually, efficiency can be increased by an average of 4%. The use of motor of coal mine in our country at this stage is more common type three-phase asynchronous motor, the full load condition, the motor efficiency is generally higher, usually around 80%; however, once the load decreased, the efficiency of the motor will be decreased significantly. Because the motor selection is relative to the maximum power load and may be the worst conditions needed, the majority in most of the running time of the motor load rate is 50% ~ 60%, so the actual running efficiency is relatively low. Therefore, improving the operation efficiency of this part of motor has great economic and social benefits