China Water Pump Three Phase Motor

Water pump motor is a wide range of general machinery, its annual power consumption accounted for 50-60% of the total power generation, and the annual production of small and medium-sized asynchronous motors, more than 70% of which are used to drive fans, pumps. For a long time, the main way is to adjust the valve to increase the resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating the flow. Therefore, throttling power consumption is very large. If the speed of motor by changing the way to adjust the fan and pump flow, can greatly improve the system efficiency, save money, YDT series pole-changing three-phase asynchronous motor is designed for fan and water pump fluid load flow control applications and design of a high efficiency, energy saving, simple and reliable and economical drive power


1 、 this series of motors adopts special design winding scheme.

2, this series of motor power and frame relationship basically equivalent with Y series motor, namely high speed double speed motor, most equal or close to the same power single speed motor and speed corresponding to the center of high selection and energy saving for users.

3. The power setting of the motor is determined based on the load characteristics of the fan and the water pump, that is, the torque is proportional to the square of the speed, and the required power is proportional to the cubic of the speed. Therefore, both high speed and low speed operation have higher efficiency and power factor.

4, because this series motor is composed of motor winding itself change the wiring to change the speed, therefore, does not need the complex control system, an investment is very low and require little maintenance and reliable operation can be special.

5 、 the appearance and installation dimensions of this series of motors are the same as those of Y series single speed three-phase asynchronous motors.