China Speed Reducer In Three Directions

China is now in a transition period of economic and social development, and as the China reducer industry started earlier; the old industry, is bound to make a model, promoting China's economic and social development to achieve a smooth transition.

China reducer industry transformation, you can start in three directions:

As the first countries to support the green environmental protection type reducer, reducer industry transformation should pay attention to establish and perfect the system and mechanism innovation, adhere to the fine chemical industry, recycling, intelligent, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, bio pharmaceutical industry and seriation, emerging industries, high-end integration as the core, to jointly promote the healthy and efficient development of the industry.

Secondly, the reducer enterprises will strengthen cooperation with big enterprises and big consortia at home and abroad. At present the foreign economic situation is not optimistic, innovation type reducer should be in large projects, good projects to support, continue to increase the technology and special talents, constantly forming; attract large projects, cultivating large enterprise agglomeration, big industry, big park construction development strategy.

Finally, the industry should cultivate brands and patent applications, and speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading and the soft environment for innovation and development. The mechanical transmission device in the field of national economy industry reducer relates to product categories including various types of gear reducer, planetary gear reducer and the worm reducer includes a variety of special device device, control device, and the growth rate of service areas include all kinds of composite device products such as flexible device involved in metallurgy, coal, building materials, color, water, electric power, shipbuilding, engineering machinery and petrochemical industry.

To promote independent innovation, the implementation of brand strategy, advance hardened gear reducer added value of the current lack of professional talents has become the bottleneck of China hardened gear reducer occupation further, this will influence the world competition force China hardened gear reducer occupation. To deal with this title, you can follow the path of internal development and external introduction. Cultivate and introduce the hard surface gear reducer professional talents, improve the intellectual cost factors, China gear hardened gear reducer profession is labor-intensive. Give full play to the government's guiding and supporting effect, and create a good environment for the hard toothed gear reducer profession. Vigorously carry out the hard tooth surface gear reducer industrial cluster, to create hard tooth surface gear reducer industry chain.

The development of the industry requires not only the coordination of the industrial chain, the establishment of the innovation system, but also the driving force of the leading enterprises. When the power increases gradually, and the benign operation ability is constantly superimposed, the development of the industry will continue to improve and upgrade to a healthy and efficient development.