China Low Price 3 Phase Motors

Nicola Tesla (Nikola Tesla, 1856 1943, born July 10, 1856) is a world renowned physicist, inventor and mechanical engineer and electrical engineer in 1882, he succeeded Edison invented DC (DC) shortly after the invention of the alternating current (AC), and created the world's first AC generator, and the creation of a multi phase power transmission technology. Other achievements: in 1895, he made generators for the American Nicaragua power station, making the power station still one of the world's most famous hydropower stations. In 1897, he made Marconi's theory of radio communication come true. In 1898, he created the world's first radio controlled ship, patented radio remote control technology (US Patent No. #613.809). In 1899, he invented X (X-Ray) photography. Other inventions include radios, radar, fax machines, vacuum tubes, neon tubes, missile navigation, and Planetary Defense systems. Even the magnetic density unit (1 Tesla = 10000 Gause), named after his name, indicates his magnetic contribution

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