China High Voltage Slip Ring Engine

The difference between squirrel cage motor and slip ring motor:

1. squirrel cage motor: the rotor winding is not made by insulated wires, but is made of aluminum bars or copper bars welded with short circuit rings.

2. winding type motor rotor coil of copper wire, coil end leads to the starting control device through the slip ring, so the winding motor has small starting current, and can control the start-up torque and so on.

The advantages and disadvantages of squirrel cage motors and slip ring motor are as follows:

1. squirrel cage induction motor:

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient start-up, reliable operation, small size, firmness and durability, convenient maintenance, repair and installation, low cost, etc..

Disadvantages: starting torque is small, power factor is low, the speed is difficult to adjust, the direct start of the current is large.

2. slip ring motor:

Advantages: the starting and speed regulating performance of motor can be improved by adding an additional resistor in the rotor circuit.

Disadvantages: the structure is complex, maintenance is troublesome, operation reliability is bad, and the price is more expensive.