China High Voltage High Speed Industrial Electric Motor

China High Voltage High Speed industrial Electric Motor

1. step motor

Mainly used in the manufacture of CNC machine tools, the stepper motor A/D does not need the conversion, can direct digital pulse signal into angular displacement, it has been regarded as the most ideal component of the NC machine tool.

2. brushless motor

The mechanical characteristics and regulation characteristics of good linearity, wide speed range, long service life, convenient maintenance and low noise, does not exist a series of problems caused by the brush, so this kind of motor has a great application in control system.

3. DC motor

The utility model has the advantages of good speed regulating performance, easy starting and load starting, so the application of the direct current motor is still very extensive, especially after the emergence of the SCR DC power supply.

4. induction motor

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, use and maintenance, reliable operation, small quality, low cost, etc.. Asynchronous motor is used widely in the driving machine, water pump, blower, compressor, lifting hoisting equipment, mining machinery, light industrial machinery, agricultural and sideline products processing machinery production machinery and the majority of workers and peasants household appliances and medical equipment.

5. synchronous motor

Mainly used in large machinery, such as blowers, pumps, ball mills, compressors, rolling mills, as well as small, micro instruments, or act as control components. Three phase synchronous motor is its main body. In addition, the utility model can also be used as an adapter to transmit inductive or capacitive reactive power to the grid.

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