Challenges Facing For The Machinery Industry In 2017

challenge :

    From the domestic situation, downward pressure on the economy is still large, mechanical products domestic market weak trend in the short term is difficult to improve, the main service of machinery industry of iron and steel, coal, electricity, petroleum and chemical industry in general in the depth of the adjustment period of the industrial structure, energy demand in the short term is difficult to grow substantially. In addition, after years of rapid development, all kinds of mechanical product inventory has reached a considerable scale, for the maintenance of renewal of equipment in service has become an important part of the demand, it can reduce the magnitude of downward growth rate fluctuation, but also increase the difficulty of incremental recovery.

    From the international market, in 2017 the global trade protectionism and anti globalization tendency under the background of the world economy is expected to maintain the overall recovery trend, but facing the lack of growth momentum, sluggish demand, financial market turmoil and repeated trade and investment downturn and other multiple risks and challenges.