A Brief Introduction To Power Installation And Commissioning For Motors

First, the power installation

1, transformer installation (). Installers should combine the transformer installation works, reasonable arrangements for construction, control of the construction and installation points. For large transformers, the installer should make full use of the tools to install the transformers in the specified positions. Do not destroy the insulation of the transformers in the process of unpacking the transformers. After checking the transformers, confirm every step of the installation process.

2, cable installation. In the cable installation process, should be based on site conditions, reasonable design laying method to ensure the quality of cable installation. Common cable laying wall installation and wall installation, in order not to affect the power output, try to avoid improper installation. At the same time do a good job in moisture-proof work, to fundamentally eliminate potential safety problems.

3, bus installation. In the process of busbar and circuit breaker installation, we should select the busbar with suitable specifications according to the actual construction conditions. Common busbars include hard busbars, soft busbars and enclosed busbars. Bus installation is completed, to conduct a rigorous inspection.

4, isolation switch installed. Install the isolation switch to control the intensity, to ensure the switch gear in good condition, to ensure that the gear tight, the line can be normal operation. In the knife connecting rod installation process, to control the distance between each other to improve the quality of the installation.

Second, equipment debugging

After the power installation is completed, in order to verify the performance of electrical equipment, to ensure the normal operation of equipment, so the need for debugging of related equipment.

First of all, insulation resistance and monitoring devices should be commissioned to ensure the normal operation of relay protection device. Then the protective device for comprehensive commissioning.

Followed by the tripping protection device debugging, the reclosing with protective devices for mutual cooperation test, so as to meet the actual line maintenance needs.