6KV,10KV High Voltage Industrial Electric Motor

6KV,10KV high voltage industrial electric motor

Motors consume almost 50% of the world's electricity. With rising energy costs, the industry began to adopt microprocessor speed drive alternative low efficiency of fixed speed motors and drives, this new type of motor control technology compared with the traditional drive, can make the average consumption reduced by more than 30%. Although the speed motor increases the cost of the system itself, it takes only a few years to recover the initial cost of the investment, taking into account the power savings and the increased functionality of the motor.

General purpose motor design

DC motor, brushless DC and AC induction motor are the most common motors in industrial application design. Although each type of motor has a unique performance, the basic operating principle is similar. When a conductor is energized, such as a coil winding, if the conductor is in an external magnetic field perpendicular to it, the conductor will be subjected to a force perpendicular to its own and external magnetic field.

DC motors: low cost and high precision drive performance

The DC motor is the first type of motor to be put into use. It is still widely used for its low development cost and excellent driving performance. In the most simple DC motor, the stator (i.e. motor fixing part) for permanent magnet rotor (i.e. rotating parts of motor winding) of the armature windings and armature windings connected to mechanical reversing switch, the switch control winding current on and off. The magnetic flux created by the magnet interacts with the armature current to produce electromagnetic torque, which makes the motor work. The motor speed is controlled by adjusting the DC voltage of the armature winding.

Depending on the specific application, the full bridge or half bridge or a simple buck converter can be used to drive the armature winding. The switches of these converters obtain the corresponding voltage by pulse width modulation (PWM). Maxim's high side or bridge driver IC, such as MAX15024/MAX15025, can be used to drive full bridge or half bridge circuits of the FET.

DC motors are also widely used in servo systems which require high speed and accuracy. In order to meet the requirements of speed and accuracy, microprocessor-based closed-loop control and rotor position are critical. The Maxim MAX9641 Holzer sensor can be used to provide position information of the rotor.