3 Phase Induction Motor Factory

The manufacturer consists of motor energy saving motor repair repair center, the concept of service business to product manufacturing, R & D center on the advantage of manufacturing, production and repair of the formation of complementary advantages in the enterprise resource utilization, center currently has a modern new type laboratory production and maintenance of professional equipment, qualified maintenance capacity of large coal mine equipment, explosion-proof electrical equipment. And the first through the national Ministry of energy comprehensive power driver for remanufacturing products certification, Hebei province is the special heavy electrical equipment energy-saving technology research and development center. At present, energy saving of motor repair center has passed SKF certification of global motor repair center, is Chinese third certified by the unit, SKF motor repair center will join certified partners to provide international motor repair technology, to provide one-stop service for industrial users of motor, customers will enjoy the world's top motor repair shop service. The center is carrying out the traditional special, special and difficult motor repair business, while the business scope extends to the motor remanufacturing, energy saving transformation and so on for the industrial users' motor "system" energy saving overall solution. With innovative business philosophy and reliable technical means, the center closely focuses on customer core requirements, providing professional, perfect and thoughtful product life cycle management for industrial users.

Company to unite the integrity of industrial development as the basic values, the information integration management system based on product object, task object, object cost management development as a means to make to the best entrepreneurial spirit for the development of power, in many years of business practice in the formation of fast orders, fast delivery, reliable quality and service fast and perfect professional operating characteristics. The spirit of "faith development, artificially high mountain peaks endless innovation", the company all staff will create fine motor, customer service intentions, set up a hundred years xinsida "as its mission, together with the new and old customers and friends, common progress and common development, and make due contributions to the innovation and development of national traditional electric machine industry the.

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