10KV Motor Manufacturers

Our manufacturer is a modern professional motor manufacturer integrating design, R & D, production, sales and service. It has been focusing on providing special solutions for heavy duty special motors and control systems for industrial users over the years. Factory address is located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province Gaocheng District Airport North Road, Zhang Zhuang Industrial Zone motor integrated Park, registered capital of 63 million yuan, covering an area of 160 acres, a phase of the completion of more than 25000 square meters of large-span heavy steel structure plant construction. The company's products mainly for industrial users and their supporting industries, the largest single product capacity of 5000KW, in North China large and medium-sized motor product design and development, manufacturing, energy saving technology recycling professional production has a strong competitive strength. The permanent magnet direct drive synchronous ball mill motor developed by the company and the Shenyang University of Technology has adopted the low voltage, high power, multi branch and gearless energy-saving design technology. The investment of the product will greatly improve the advanced technology of the domestic high-end equipment of the mine. Motor on-line information remote monitoring system jointly developed with the Hebei University Of Science and Technology and the North China Institute of Science and Technology, has been through the identification of scientific and technological achievements, this technology is applied to the motor products, there will be conducive to the realization of remote monitoring of motor, realize the safe operation of the motor and the motor energy efficiency monitoring, intelligent Butler service. The company is a national high-tech enterprises, has Hebei province enterprise technology center and Shijiazhuang heavy motor engineering technology research center, around the motor research and development, manufacturing, has 5 national invention patents, 18 practical invention patents.

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