Why the majority of operating conditions must choose inverter power supply

Blower pump has significant energy savings

The rated air volume and flow rate of fan and water pump equipment usually exceed the actual needs, and the air volume and flow rate need to be changed during operation. The traditional method is to use baffles or valve adjustments, but it is simple but a lot of power is wasted. Because the output power of the motor is almost unchanged, the purpose of adjustment is achieved by increasing the resistance, so that a large amount of energy is consumed in the closure process of the baffle and the valve. If frequency conversion speed control is used instead of damper or valve adjustment, the energy loss caused by the recovery of mechanical adjustment will be greatly energy-saving. For example, when the air volume drops to 80%, the rotation speed also drops to 80%, and the shaft power drops to 51% of the rated power, which has great potential for saving electricity.


Intelligent control

The inverter itself integrates many intelligent control functions: Analog and digital control interfaces are directly connected with computers, Internet devices, PLC program controllers, and touch screens, making it easy to handle both on-site touch operations and remote visual control.

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Soft start function

The starting current of an ordinary cage motor is usually 5 to 7 times of the rated current, which has a great impact on the power grid. The application of variable-frequency variable-voltage starting, the maximum starting current is only about 2 times of the rated current, and the starting torque is not lower than the rated torque, can be started smoothly and efficiently, and there is no common dead-point in the start-up process.

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Stepless speed regulation and high speed regulation

In the production process of plastic products on plastic machinery, there are differences in plastic characteristics, various product specifications and different production process requirements. In many cases, the speed of the production machinery needs to be adjusted. The unique high reliability, high precision, smoothness, and stepless speed regulation characteristics of the frequency conversion governor are unique. Enhance the level of automation of plastic machinery and promote the development of the plastics industry.

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Power Factor Compensation Energy Saving

Reactive power not only increases the line loss and heat generation of the equipment, but more importantly, the reduction of the power factor leads to the reduction of the active power of the power grid. A large amount of reactive power is consumed in the line. The equipment is inefficiently used and the waste is serious. The frequency conversion speed controller is used. Later, because of the internal filter capacitor of the frequency converter, thus has reduced the reactive power loss, has increased the active power of the electrical network.

In theory, the frequency converter can be used in all mechanical equipments with electric motors. It is most common to use frequency converters to drive motors in environmental protection facilities and energy conservation and emission reduction projects.