why the dual voltage motor always has problems?

1.Double voltage motor is manufactured according to high voltage

The high voltage star of by low voltage Angle is the most commonly used in three phase asynchronous motor according to the rules of line, for most of the dual voltage motor high pressure and low pressure ratio is 3:1, Y answered with Δ simple conversion can be achieved.

A common sense for any one in the industry are simple enough, but you must take care of the usage of different levels customers, even the customer accidentally occur in a motor malfunction that is not allowed.


2.The connection chip is equipped with rationality.

Now most enterprises adopt three - hole connecting pieces, which can meet the connection requirements of different motor connections.

Dual voltage motor factory USES the Y connection, the Angle joint requirements, Y of the redundant connection piece together and fixed on the wiring board directly, from the other package may lost.


3.The requirement of wiring diagram.

Y and Δ is motor professional term, in order to avoid possible mistakes, must ensure that the customer can get correct wiring instructions when wiring.

Some manufacturers will identify the different voltage on the nameplates, and some manufacturers will use the other ways in the junction box to solve the problem.