what should we provide to supplier when purchase electric motor

1, type selection (select motor type)

If you can not really know the type and type of motor, you can put forward your request, by the technical department according to your requirements,such as  usage, types (AC or DC), power, voltage, speed (AC available pole number), protection level, cooling mode, installation methods and accessories, for you recommend the choice of the appropriate motor product model.

2, order (signed the sales contract)

After determining the type of motor that needs to be purchased, if the price is right, the purchase contract can be signed.

Inquiry inventory: if our factory stock is in stock, it can shorten the supply cycle and meet the customer's requirements on the product time.

The contract is very simple if the warehouse has a motor spot and just shipped all of it.

If there is no inventory, just need customers prepaid 30% deposit production, and other motors when the factory storage, notify the customer to pay the whole amount, after receipt of the money, according to the delivery address provided by the customer to send the product, and according to the invoice information sent by customers express invoice sent.

3, delivery inspection

Inspection, please first check the appearance of the motor damage; second, see the motor nameplate on the model parameters are consistent with the contract requirements. In addition, the large motor should be installed on site by our technical personnel, which will be checked and accepted by the receiving party according to the acceptance standards stipulated in the contract.

4, after sale service

After receiving the motor, in the use process (motor products three package service period: 18 months) in the non-human or improper use of the fault that belongs to product quality problems, please promptly contact our factory after-sales service personnel, to three package service.

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