what could we do when 3 phase electric motor overheating

1. Overheating when the motor is no-load:

(1)error of stator winding connection (for example: connecting a star into a triangular connection).

Treatment: check the connection mode.

(2)The voltage of the power supply is too high.

Processing method: check the main power supply voltage and no-load current.

(3)It can not be cooled because of the moral clogging of ventilation.

Treatment method: eliminate ventilation duct ventilation barrier.

(4)the rotating direction of the fan is wrong (designed as a single rotation motor).

Treatment: check the fan and the direction of rotation.

2. Overheating when the motor is loaded.

(1)The motor is overloaded.

Treatment methods: check current, proper load reduction.

(2)The voltage is too high or too low.

Treatment: check the voltage.

(3)The motor runs in one way.

Treatment method: investigate and deal with the disconnecting place of the line.

(4)fixed rotor phase wipe, water flow shortage of cooler or local blocking.

Treatment: check air gap, adjust water pressure, water and exhaust.

3. stator local overheating

Cause: stator interturn short circuit (some coils are overheated, and have buzz).

Processing method: find out the short circuit winding for processing.