What are the daily maintenance of three phase electric motor?

What are the daily maintenance of three phase electric motor? The motor is composed of the stator frame, the winding and the insulation material, the rotor, the bearing and the end cover, and so on, it is simple. Common faults are: motor power off phase, voltage or frequency not; winding short circuit, open circuit, grounding; bearings running bad; internal and external dirty, heat is not good, and with a cooling fan, poor ventilation; and poor mechanical equipment; long-term high load; environment temperature etc.. More than 90% of motor damage is caused by inadequate daily maintenance and insufficient maintenance. Generally, a small maintenance is performed every month, and a comprehensive maintenance is carried out once a year.

1. small maintenance items are:

A. scavenging dust on the surface of the motor and the dirt attached to it;

B. cleaning motor wind shield mesh, keep the inlet and outlet unimpeded;

C. adds a lubricant to the movable part of the electromagnetic brake.

D. measure the insulation resistance of the motor.

2. comprehensive maintenance projects are:

A. small maintenance of all projects;

B. replacement of the damaged bearing; when necessary, the open bearing is cleaned and the grease is replaced.

The cleaning of the internal C. motor makes the stator winding of the motor clean, no oil and no copper.

D. clears the possible water, oil and other liquids, as well as dust and dirt, in the friction parts of the electromagnetic brake.

The other parts of the E. motor are cleaned or replaced.

Note: the correct grease must be used when the oil is replaced. If the oil is incompatible with the original oil, it will greatly reduce the life of the bearing.

Special warning: if the motor does not shut down for refueling, it must be carried out by trained professionals, and confirm that the live parts and rotating parts have complete protection.

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