Two hybrid technology camp battle in China

This design due to the cancellation of the speed ratio control of power split device, when the clutch on either side of the motor you need to keep the same speed, or just need to be disconnected by clutch case for electronic means of transmission (engine drive motor 1 power generation and electricity-driven motor 2 drive vehicle). This way the biggest challenge is how to make the engine work in a suitable speed range. According to bikers use feedback, when 550 engine starts working sometimes engines into hybrid mode rises to very high speed (5000 RPM), engine noise and fuel consumption is amazing too. Special feeling of tipping point seems to have been designed in about 65 kilometers per hour, once after 65 km, engine speed will drop to a more reasonable range. Probably part of the reason is that to cancel the power split device unable to flexibly control the ratio cause.

This Toyota is going to talk about how the front speed control of engine power-split mentioned in the context of a very efficient. The following three pictures are conventional hybrid mode, special recycling of energy hybrid control model, as well as the comparison between the two modes. Toyota can be seen through the flexibility to control the power output of the motor to the wheels under the same power, the engine speed can be reduced to a reasonable range. Three left for regular work patterns such as higher engine speed for more than 2000 rpm, but after using a special mode to the right of the engine speed to drop to 1500 rpm.