three phase winding

We try to obtain large fundamental potential and magnetic potential and minimize harmonic components.

The three phase potential and the magnetic potential are guaranteed to be symmetrical.

It is convenient to save material and process.

Characteristics of 2 pole motor winding

Compared with the multipole (more than 4 pole) motor, the angle of the 2 pole double layer winding coil is larger than the mechanical circle, the end of the coil is large and the utilization of copper wire is low.

In addition, considering the technology of wire insertion, the span is usually 2/3 of the whole pitch coil, and the winding coefficient is low. When the traditional double layer is folded into a single double and double concentric winding, the equivalent whole distance can be larger than the 2/3 of the whole distance coil, and the geometric mean span is less than the 2/3 of the whole pitch coil. The end of the coil is short and the winding coefficient is high (the span of the span can be designed as the 5/6 of the whole distance coil), so the end leakage flux is small and the copper wire utilization is high, which is applied to the large size small 2. When the pole motor is used, the effect of material saving is very significant, and the performance index such as efficiency and power factor is also improved greatly.