The Meaning of the Motor nameplate

  The nameplate of the motor is equivalent to the instruction of the motor, which is marked with all kinds of information of motor, such as power, voltage, currrent and so on. These information are essential for a motor.If the nameplate of the motor is gone, it is no exaggeration to say that the motor is equal to the scrap. When we usually receieve a motor, we see the nameplate first, so we can know the importance of the nameplate to the motor.Usually, the power on the nameplate is rated power, the current is rated current,and the voltage is also rated voltage, every motor is marked with a nameplate.


  The nameplate as shown above, the rated power is 132kw,rated voltage is 380v and rated current is 139.7A, with these information, we can know how lagrge the voltage is for this motor,and how much square of the wire. It needs to be explained that the power in the nameplate refers to the shaft power, that is the active power of the motor. The nameplate shows a voltage of 380v, and there is a three angle, so we can see that the motor is a three-phase alternating current, and a triangular connection must be used. Besides, the annotated current is 239.7A, and we can use this to determine how many square wires are used. The electrical discharge of the selected wire must be greater than 239.7A. So what is the meaning of effective efficiency? The so called efficiency refers to the work done in unit time, and the efficiency refers to the actual power that the motor can achieve. It is also important for knowing the weight of the motor, because we have to calculate the freight, and we need to hoist the motor when it is servicing. If you don't know the weight of the motor, you will not know how big the crane is.

  In a word, the nameplate is very important for the motor, so we should not only learn to use the information of the nameplate, but also keep it in the work.