the history of electric motor

In 1949 the national total installed capacity of 1 million 848 thousand and 300 kilowatts, the country only a few motor repair shop; 1958 Shanghai motor factory to produce the world's first dual internal water cooling generator (Wang Geng, 1999); Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Guo Biao Gu (1958

Study on the Oriental Motor Factory) (academician Rao Fangquan) with evaporative cooling hydro generator adapted Lijiaxia 400MW No. 4

The generator has reached 390 million kilowatts; in 2003, 211 times in 1949, formed in Shanghai, Harbin and Sichuan East three power equipment manufacturing group manufacturing enterprises as the backbone of the group. But the per capita installed capacity of less than 0.3 kilowatts, China's per capita consumption is only equivalent to the world level 1/3.

China's small and medium-sized motors have a certain production scale enterprises have more than 300, the motor production 300 series. Nearly l 500 varieties. In 1997, China's small and medium-sized motor output is about 25 288MW, about 42 in 1998 505MW, 1999 is about 42 O00MW. The export volume of about l 7 O00MW motor. We can see that there are greatly improved in 1998 compared with 1997 output to the motor output of motor, I999 decreased slightly, corporate debt continues to rise. Profits continue to decline, the industry overall situation has declined. But with the reform and opening up the deep, promote the adjustment of national macro policy and market demand, China's motor products from labor-intensive and resource intensive transfer to high value-added and high-tech products export structure also gradually tend to be market-oriented and rationalization. Scanty more than 300 medium and small enterprises of our country motor companies are mostly concentrated in the western region of the coastal area, provides an opportunity for development of motor industry development opportunities in the development of western countries. In addition after China's accession to the WTO will be part of the domestic rich motor production capacity transfer to foreign attack, but also the development of a way out. In the international market, the motor is one of the most important parts of mechanical and electrical products, the annual trade volume of $3 billion 500 million in small, single motor industry exports mainly AC motor, DC motor and AC generator. At present, China's annual produce for export manufacturers reached about 40, exports to more than 60 countries and regions, the main distribution in Southeast Asia most, followed by Europe and the United States, Japan, Canada and other countries in. According to the survey, small motor industry nearly 80 enterprises. The products export production as of 1996 3 1997 463 1998 917.4MW, 8MW, 4456MW. According to Customs Statistics: small and medium-sized motor exports for 1996 3 1997 4 1998 768MW, 532~1W, 6 721MW and 7 O00MW in 1999. Go in. Small motor production accounted for about 10% of the annual output of midday Essien, about 1.I4 billion dollars, earnings are $156 million, $185 million and $220 million. The volume of world trade accounted for about 3% ~ 5%, the share is very small. This can be seen in the development of small and medium-sized motor is a great space for development.

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