The Electromagnetic Brake of Motor

 Electromagnetic brake is an additional device commonly used in motor. There are two kind os electric brake: electrified brake and powerless brake. The position of electric braking mode is fast and accurate, which is used for automatic intelligent control equipment which needs accurate positioning. There are some limitations in the application situation. Electromagnetic power loss brake is widely used, in addition to the advantages of easy operation and fast braking speed, the power loss braking means that the equipment can brake safely under the condition of accidental power outage and out of control, so as to ensure the safety of the person and the facilities.

  Structural advantages and characteristics: 

  • Although the axial dimension of compact power loss brake is small, the braking torque is large enough. 

  • Rapid response.

  • Long life, a new type of friction material is used in the powerless bake, which determines the performance of high life.

  Braking working conditions: 

  • Ambient air relative humidity not more than 85%;

  • In the surrounding medium, there is no gas or dust sufficient to corrode the metal and destroy the insulation.

  • The brake is insulated in class B and the voltage fluctuation does not exceed the rated voltage of +5% and -15%;

  • The matching accuracy between the parts of the drive shaft and the brake should be guaranteed during installation.

  • Gear sleeve must be axially fixed.