The difference of explosion proof motor YB2, YB3 and YBX3

When users in the use of explosion-proof motor, generally know the YB series is explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof motor series and YB2, YB3, YBX3 and so on, a lot of customers for the differences and connections between these types of motor and not know, today will take you to learn more about the difference between them.

If we say the difference and connection between them, we must start with their own characteristics:

YB2 series flameproof three phase asynchronous motor is an updated product of YB series. It is the basic series of explosion-proof motors. This series of motors have the characteristics of small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable operation, long service life, good performance, convenient installation, use and maintenance.

The YB3 series is in YB, YB2 series motor based on the combination of the current domestic and foreign electromagnetic structure, technology, material and other aspects of the new technology and developed new products with high efficiency and energy saving, temperature rise degree, long service life, good performance, low noise, flameproof advanced structure, high reliability, convenient use and maintenance etc..

YBX3 series is based on the original YB3 series motor, according to the 2 level energy efficiency standard in GB18613-2012 to standardize the design of the new motor. The power levels and mounting dimensions of these explosion-proof motors conform to the IEC standard and are the same as those of the YB and YB2 series motors.

Have you got a better understanding of explosion proof motor YB2, YB3, YBX3, and hope that these can help you, faster, faster and more accurate to determine the machine you need.