The damage caused by the vibration for industrial electric motor drives

The damage caused by the vibration of the motor

Vibration is a common phenomenon in the operation of all devices. Motor and other devices will vibrate to varying degrees during operation. The harm of vibration to motor is mainly manifested in the following aspects.

(1) the energy consumption is consumed and the efficiency of the motor is reduced.

(2) directly injure the motor bearings and speed up the wear of the motor bearings, greatly reducing the service life of the bearings. (3) the looseness of the rotor poles causes the stator and rotor to rub against each other, resulting in the bending and breaking of the motor rotor.

(4) the end winding of the motor is loosened, which causes the end winding friction, the insulation resistance is reduced, the insulation life span is shortened, and the insulation breakdown is caused seriously.

(5) the operation of the base or other equipment supporting the motor has been affected, resulting in some parts loosening, or even damaging the parts, causing accidents.