The contents of regular maintenance of high voltage motor

The contents of regular maintenance of high voltage motor are as follows.

1, clean the motor. Remove dust and mud from the outside of the motor seat in time. If there are more dust in the environment, it is better to clean it once a day.

2, check and clean the electrical terminals of the motor. Check whether the wiring box is loosened and burned.

3, check the fixed parts of the screw, including foot screws, end cover screws, bearing cover screws and so on. Tighten the loosened nut.

4, check the drive device, check the pulley or coupling has no energy, damage, installation is firm; belt and the connecting tab is intact.

5, the starting equipment of motor must clean the external dust in time, you enough, wipe the contacts, check whether there are burns marks on the wiring points, and whether the grounding wire is good.

6. The inspection and maintenance of the bearing. The bearings should be cleaned after a period of use, and the grease or lubricating oil should be replaced. The time of cleaning and oil changing should be determined by the working condition, working environment, cleanliness and the type of lubricants. Half of the work should be cleaned once a month for 3-6 months, and the grease should be changed again. When the oil temperature is high, the motor of poor environment and more dust will often clean and change oil.

7. The inspection of the insulation condition. The insulation ability of insulation materials varies with the degree of drying, so it is very important to check the drying of the motor winding. The humidity of the motor working environment, the existence of corrosive gases in the working room, and so on, will destroy the electrical insulation. The most common is the winding ground fault, the insulation is damaged, the charged part and the case should not be charged the metal part of the collision, this failure occurs, not only affect the normal work of the motor, but also endanger personal safety. Therefore, in the use of the motor, the insulation resistance should be checked regularly, and the reliability of the motor shell grounding should be also paid attention to.

8. In addition to regular maintenance of the motor according to the above contents, it will be overhauled once a year. The purpose of the overhaul is to make a thorough and comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the motor, add the components that are missing and worn by the motor, eliminate the dust and dirt inside and outside the motor, check the insulation, clean the bearing and check the wear condition. Find out the problem and deal with it in time. 

Generally speaking, the working life of the high voltage motor is very long, as long as it is used correctly, it is properly maintained, and the fault is handled in time.

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