the choose of electric motor

The structure of the motor can be divided into two types, the horizontal and the vertical, according to the different position of the motor. The rotating shaft of the horizontal motor is installed horizontally, and the shaft of the vertical motor is perpendicular to the ground. The installation direction of the two bearings is different, so the horizontal motor can not be erected at random. In general, the horizontal motor should be selected by the staff. Only when the vertical operation is needed (such as vertical deep well pump and drilling machine), the vertical motor should be considered for simplifying the transmission device (because its price is more expensive). There are many types of protection in the motor, and it is also very important to choose the right way. Because the motor is to be able to work in the installation environment specific in long term, in order to prevent by the surrounding medium (such as moisture, moisture, dust, harmful gases or other impurities) invasion caused by faults or accidents, practical choice, according to different working environment to choose the appropriate form of protection. There are several types of protection of the motor, such as open, protective, closed, explosion-proof and diving. Usually choose the cheapest open type of course, but it is only suitable for dry and clean ring ridge; for wet and easy erosion by wind and rain, dust, flammable, corrosive environment should use closed, when the dust on the motor insulation, harmless and easy for compressed air blowing, can use the protective type (or drip proof); as for the submersible pump motor, should be completely closed, to ensure that the work in the water, moisture can not invade; when the motor is in the water environment has fire or explosion when (such as mines or oil pools), should pay attention to choose must be explosion-proof.