The advantages and disadvantege of DC motor

The advantages of DC motor:

1) the performance of starting and speed regulation is good, the speed range is smooth, the overload ability is strong, and the influence of electromagnetic interference is small.

2) the DC motor has good starting characteristics and speed regulation characteristics.

3) the torque of the DC motor is relatively large

4) it is cheaper to repair;

5) direct current DC motor relative to the exchange of energy saving and environmental protection.

Disadvantages of DC motor:

1) the manufacturing of DC motor is more expensive, with carbon brush.

2) compared with asynchronous motor, the structure of the DC motor is complex, and it is inconvenient to use and maintain, and the DC power supply should be used.

3) the complex structure restricts the further reduction of the volume and weight of the DC motor, especially the sliding contact between the brush and commutator, resulting in mechanical wear and spark. The DC motor has many faults, low reliability, short life and heavy workload for maintenance.

4) the commutation spark not only causes the electric corrosion of the commutator, but also a radio interference source, which will bring harmful effects on the surrounding electrical equipment. The greater the capacity of the motor and the higher the speed of the motor, the more serious the problem is. Therefore, the brush and commutator of the ordinary DC motor restrict the development of the DC motor to high speed and large capacity.

Through the above analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the DC motor, we can find that the DC motor is a good speed performance, maintenance is relatively cheap, strong ability of overload, influenced by electromagnetic interference, but manufacturing is more expensive, a carbon brush, low reliability, short service life and maintenance of electrical equipment of large amount of work. Even if the DC motor has many shortcomings, but with the help of modern science and technology, the DC motor will have a better future.

The following DC motor is one of we exported this year. You can find our Wingo star nameplate.

DC motor photo with our Wingo star nameplate.JPG