Speed regulation method of reducer

Speed regulation method

Gear reducer is the fixed speed of the speed reduction motor, once the speed ratio selected, the motor selected, the final output speed is fixed. However, there are many other occasions that require speed changes, such as spindle speed of the lathe, speed of mixing shaft of various agitators, speed of conveyors conveying different articles, etc. How to control speed is a topic of great concern for engineers and technicians.

A variety of speed control methods used in the current project are described below.

1. variable speed variable speed speed regulation is the simplest and most economical speed regulation method. But it is limited to small and medium capacity (less than 2kW) and a small number of starting times. There are usually only two speeds can reach the speed limit is less than that, do 3 levels; in certain industries, such as lathes, often with gear box with gear of speed. Although the speed of children, but the speed range is not large.

2. the stepless speed regulation can be divided into mechanical and electrical type. The common method of the former is to insert a mechanical stepless speed regulating device at the junction of the motor and the gearbox (mainly with the belt disc and friction disc). The advantage is that the speed regulation is stable, the structure is not complex, it is suitable for the bad environment, the disadvantage is that the speed range is small, the belt and the friction plate are easy to consume, and it is necessary to maintain and replace regularly. The latter is the asynchronous motor with cascade speed regulation, rotor resistance speed regulation, or DC motor voltage regulating speed regulation, etc.

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