Small flaw big hidden danger high and low resistance belt is so delicate

The black insulation tape of the main insulation of the high voltage coil is divided into high resistance band and low resistance band.

The high resistance band is made of a non-alkali glass fiber strip with high resistance of the immersion semiconductor, which is used for the intersection of the straight edge and end of the coil.

The low resistivity zone is mainly composed of non-alkali glass fiber belts containing iron asbestos tape and low resistance coatings of impregnated semiconductor.

The iron asbestos tape is woven from asbestos yarn;

The low resistance band is used for the straight side of the coil.


Low resistance materials and effects.

The main additive is acetylene black, which is the carbon that is precipitated when gaseous, liquid or solid organic matter is not completely burnt, and is used as a conductive base for anti-corona paint.

And then there's graphite, which is a crystalline form of carbon.


High resistance materials and effects.

The main additive is silicon carbide, which is used for the preparation of high resistance nonlinear paint.

The resistivity of silicon carbide has the characteristics of non-linear resistance, and its resistivity is decreased with the field intensity, which means that it has the ability to regulate the field strength, so that the surface potential of the outer end of the slot is evenly distributed.