Rolling bearing

Rolling bearing life

In general, the metal fatigue of the rolling contact surface is the main cause of the damage of the rolling bearing. The life of the rolling bearing is defined by the number of rotations (or the number of hours under a certain number of hours). The bearings within this life are not damaged (exfoliation or defect) in any bearing ring or rolling.

Because of the same working conditions, the actual life of the bearing is different, so the "rolling bearing life" is more exactly defined as the life value of the bearing of 90% of the same bearing of a large enough group under the rated load.

Real life

It refers to the actual life expectancy that can be achieved before the bearing is damaged, because the bearing damage is usually not caused by fatigue, but may be caused by errors in selection, poor lubrication, pollution, and improper installation.

Installation and dismantling

1) use mechanical, hydraulic or heating methods to perform proper and effective bearing assembly.

2) the full range of tools and equipment used in various professional engineering and service technologies make these tools simpler, faster and more efficient.

3) use special tools and technologies to carry out professional assembly to maximize machine running time.


Although all kinds of "maintenance free" seal bearings can be installed, 35-36% is still due to incorrect and improper use of grease. Any unlubricated bearing will inevitably fail before the normal service life.