Relationship Between Bearing Cage and Bearing Performance

  The cage plays the role of isolating the rolling body at equal distance in the rolling bearing, preventing the rolling body from falling, guiding and driving the rolling body to rotate, The first part of the bearing that is damaged is often the cage, which can be said to be the "rib" of the bearing. It distributes the rolling body evenly and orderly, making the rolling body move foreely and evenly between the inner ring and outer ring.

  If the cage is damaged and the rolling body is stuck or the surface layer is corroded, the rolling body will not rotate well, and the service life of the bearing will be shortened greatly, the noise will be increased, and even the bearing will be damaged.

  Many bearing damage is not due to the bearing life, but a lot of external environment, such as inadequate lubrication, dust into, installation errors, load too large, temperature too high, the coupling is not medium specific. Bearing is a very precise part, the maintenance and maintenance of bearing directly determine the safety and service life of the motor.

 Any motor manufacturer should pay special attention to the performance confomance of using bearing. On the one hand, the choice of bearing type should be made; on the other hand, the tolerance of bearing matching parts should be evaluated and controlled.