More initiatives to promote electric energy

High efficient light source. According to the requirements in the workplace, choose different kinds of efficient light sources, reducing power consumption. The specific requirements are as follows: General indoor lighting products, give priority to efficient light sources such as fluorescent or low-power high pressure sodium lamps, energy-saving fluorescent lamps T5 tubes, u-tube, and meet the standards for architectural lighting design of lighting power density limit requirements. Large spaces and outdoor sites for general lighting, road lighting, metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamp should be used high light intensities such as gas discharge lamps. Ballasts for gas discharge lamps should be used low energy consumption, and fluorescent lamps and gas discharge lamp capacitors must be installed to compensate reactive power loss.

High efficient lamps. In addition to decorating needs, technicians should be preferred to direct sunlight high luminous flux ratio, controlling behavior, high coefficients of reflection or transmission, light distribution characteristics of stable and efficient lighting. Lamps with asymmetric light distribution. This lamp can reduce reflected glare, under certain illumination, can improve the vision condition and obtain a higher efficiency. Selection of lamps made of metamorphic slower material, such as glass lampshades, ceramic reflector, reducing light attenuation rate. Interior lighting efficiency should not be less than 70% outdoor luminaire efficiency should not be less than 40%.